Indicados para o Prêmio Origins 2014

Saiu a lista das indicações para o Origins deste ano, vamos acompanhar:

Best Role Playing Game
13th Age – Pelgrane Press, designed by: Rob Heinsoo, Jonathan Tweet
FATE Core System – Evil Hat Productions, LLC, designed by: Leonard Balsera, Brian Engard, Jeremy Keller, Ryan Macklin, Mike Olson
Mummy: the Curse – White Wolf Game Studio, designed by: C.A. Suleiman
 Numenera - Monte Cook Games, designed by: Monte Cook
Shadowrun: Core Rulebook – Catalyst Game Labs, designed by: Jason Hardy, Aaron Pavao, Adam Large, Mark Dynna, Steven “Bull” Ratkovich, Peter M. Andrew Jr., Michael Wich

Best Role Playing Supplement
DC Adventures Universe – Green Ronin Publishing, designed by: Darren Bulmer, Seth Johnson, Steve Kenson, Jon Leitheusser, John Polojac, Aaron Sullivan
Heart of the Wild – Cucible 7 Entertainment, designed by: Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan
Transhuman – Posthuman Studios, designed by: Rob Boyle, Brian Cross, Jack Graham
Night’s Watch – Green Ronin Publishing, designed by: Joseph Carriker, Lee Hammock, Brett Rebischke-Smith, Ian Ireland, Michelle Lyons, John Hay
Eternal Lies – Pelgrane Press, designed by: Will Hindmarch, Jeff Tidball, Jeremy Keller

Best Board Game
Trains – Alderac Entertainment Group, designed by: Hisashi Hayashi
Time n Space – Stronghold Games, designed by: Tobias Stapelfeldt
Space Cadet: Dice Duel – Stronghold, designed by: Geoff Engelstein, Sydney Engelstein
Krosmaster Arena - Japanime, designed by: Nicolas Degouy, Édouard Guiton
City of Iron – Red Raven Games designed by Ryan Laukat

Best Historical Board Game
SOS Titanic - Ludonate, designed by: Bruno Cathala, Ludovic Maublanc
Navajo Wars – GMT, designed by: Joel Toppen
Freedom: The Underground Railroad – Academy Games, designed by Brian Mayer
1775:Rebellion – Academy Games, designed by: Beau Beckett, Jeph Stahl
Francis Drake – Eagle Games, designed by: Peter Hawes

Best Historical Miniature Figure/Line
Fife & Drum: Revolutionary War -– Fife & Drum, designed by: Richard Ansell
Highlander Force – North Star Military Figures, designed by: North Star Military Figures
Fate of a Nation: Arab Israeli Wars – Battlefront Miniatures, designed by: Evan Allen, Chris Townley
Red Army: 28mm Russian Infantry – Wargames Factory, designed by: Wargames Factory
Devil Dogs and Dragons – Empress Miniatures, designed by: Empress Miniatures

Best Historical Miniature Rules
Fields of Fire 2nd Edition – Proving Ground Games, designed by: Larry Yeager, Chris Brutsche, Mark Brown
Fire and Sword – Wargamer, designed by: Konrad Sosinski, Rafal Szwelicki
Chain of Command –Too Fat Ladies, designed by Richard Clark

Best Historical Miniature Rules Supplements
SAGA: Varjazi & Basileus – Gripping Beast, designed by: Alexandre Buchel
Flames of War: Fate of a Nation – Battlefront Miniatures, designed by: Phil Yates
Force on Force: Classified – Osprey Publishing, designed by Ambush Alley Games

Best Miniature Figure Line
Malifaux: The Guild’s Judgement– Wyrd Miniatures, designed by: Wyrd Miniatures
HeroClix Wolverine and the X-men – WizKids Games, designed by: WizKids Games
MERCs Mini’s (Shock Trooper, Spy, Eagle, Beacher) – MegaCon Games, designed by: MegaCon Games

Best Miniature Figure Rules
 Marvel HeroClix: Avengers Vs X-men Starters – WizKids Games, designed by: WizKids Games
Battletech Alpha Strike – Catalyst Game Labs, designed by: Herbert A. Beas II, Joshua Franklin, Paul Sjardijn, Ray Arrastia, Joel Steverson
Judge Dredd – Warlord Games, designed by: Matthew Sprange

Best Game Accessory
 Krosmaster Fire & Ice – Japanime Games, designed by: Ankama
Shadowrun GM Screen – Catalyst Game Labs, designed by: Jason Hardy
Fate Dice – Evil Hat Productions, LLC., designed by: Fred Hicks, Chris Hanrahan
Space Gaming Mat – HC+D Supplies, designed by: Andre Garcia
Pathfinder Battles: Skull and Shackles – WizKids Games, designed by: WizKids Games

Best Children’s, Family, Party Game
 Walk the Plank – Mayday Games, designed by: Shane Steely, Jared Tinney
Three Little Pigs – Iello, designed by: Laurent Pouchain
My Happy Farm – 5th St. Games, designed by: Oleksandr Nevskiy, Oleg Sidorenko
ROFL – Cryptozoic, designed by: John Kovalic
Choose One! – Looney Labs, designed by: Andrew Looney

Best Collectible Card Game
Pokemon Black & White Legendary Treasures – The Pokemon Company, Intl., designed by: The Pokemon Company
Pokemon Red Genesect Collection – The Pokemon Company, Intl., designed by: The Pokemon Company
Yu-Gi-Oh! Battle Pack 2 – Konami Digital Entertainment, designed by: Konami Digital Entertainment
Yu-Gi-Oh! Super Starter V for Victory – Konami Digital Entertainment, designed by: Konami Digital Entertainment
Yu-Gi-Oh! Legendary Collection 4: Joey’s World – Konami Digital Entertainment, designed by: Konami Digital Entertainment

Best Traditional Card Game
Love Letter– AEG, designed by: Seiji Kanai
DC Comics – Cryptozoic Entertainment, designed by: Matt Hyra, Ben Stoll Boss Monster - Brotherwise Games designed by: Johnny O’Neal, Chris O’Neal
Clubs – North Star Games , designed by: Dominic Crapochettes
 Dark City - Upper Deck, designed by: Devin Lowe

Best Game Related Publication
 Khan of Mars – Evil Hat Books, author: Stephen Blackmoore
Fire for Effect – Catalyst Game Labs, edited by: Jason Schmetzer
 ICv2 - Editor: Milton Griepp
Dork Tower – Editor: John Kovalic
TableTop – Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day


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